Company Main Focus

RBS R&D group by evaluating market situation of rapid test kits and new diagnostic technics and systems, found the company’s appropriate potential in this market and has drawn company’s attention on most usable consumables for lab technicians, clinicians and also end-users (patients), which are point-of-care tests (POCT). Regarding the needs of patients and also specialists including laboratorians and clinicians, and keeping in mind that the advances in diagnostic technology and changing attitudes of patients and their awareness for taking responsibility of their own health have made home testing a worldwide and growing market. Therefore we decided to provide Rapid Test Kits and Devices to facilitate the access to results for easy, fast and reliable diagnosis and also provide the advantage of convenience, privacy and control for the patients. Apart from the great demand of such products, the other key parameter for us to import is to choose the products with latest technology and innovation. Hence RBS is identifying top brands manufacturers and approaching them to expand its activities. We have been authorized by Acon Laboratories Inc. to be their sole agent in Iran for Mission Plus Portable Hemoglobin Testing System since 2015.

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Our Products

  • Laboratory Diagnostic Kits
  • Home helathcare devices
  • Labware
  • Supplements

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